About Lucky Film

I have a big love and appreciation for the preservation of film! At Super Lucky, I have big love for the vintage nostalgia of the filming style while focusing on the real moments in your life.  I believe in the unobtrusive, close to the heart, real moments over the big production corny wedding videos.

How it all started

For a long time, the idea of being a wedding videographer was not for me. I hated the corny digital wedding videos with zero personality, so even though I enjoyed the process and idea of videography, I felt that I didn't want to be another piece in the hyper commercialized wedding industry. As a romantic, I knew I wanted to give others an opportunity to feel the memory of their wedding without all the extra fuss. When I sat down to look back on my childhood films, I fell in love with the idea of home movies and thought that's what I would do for weddings. The real moments captured on real film!  

Why it matters to me

It's because of videographers who cared more about authenticity than a movie production worthy moment that I am able to look back on my parents' wedding film and feel connected. The memory was kept alive and I get to relive it with them.

Meet Your videographer

Analog film Documentarian

Hi Friend!

My name is Veronica. Forever a lover of the small and big moments.
I like looking back on the little things!  I capture a lot of my own personal family memories on my analog cameras because I love reliving the goofiness of my family.  As the memory keeper of my family, I carry a camera in my bag at all times. (Yes, there's a drawer in my fridge solely dedicated to holding all my film cartridges.)

There's nothing more special than remembering things as authentically as possible, especially those once in a lifetime moments like weddings or welcoming a new family member into the world. Why should anyone tell you how to experience those moments?
To my core, I want you to experience your memories for what they are without worrying about how it may look on camera. If you can forget I was even there, then I did my job.  

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