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What is super 8?

Super 8 cameras are analog motion picture film cameras came out around the 60s and were used up until the dad cams became popular! We get back really dream-like motion picture footage once it is processed and scanned by a lab. Eventually, like all things, these cameras were left behind in favor of more modern technology. These cameras are not digital so they do not produce 4k footage, they don't allow instant playback, and require a lot of patience.

WHy super 8?

If you wanted something soft, romantic, and most definitely something more unique than traditional wedding videos, this is your chance to capture heirloom moments through the lens of true vintage cameras. The effect that these cameras give to every moment is unforgettable and truly magical. I like to capture things as authentically as possible and just let you live in the moment. No filters and no cringy unnatural wedding videos.

What is your turnaround time?

I solely shoot analog, which means all footage has to be developed and scanned at a motion picture lab, the time for processing can be lengthy. You can expect delivery of your final film within 2-4 months from your date.

Can we pick the music?

Unfortunately, all sounds must be licensed to use so we don't run into any legal issues. Trust me, its for the best. But please send me a playlist that fits your vibe so that I can best match a song for you!

Do you travel for weddings / sessions?

Yes! Reach out with any details and we can make it work for you.

Do you capture sound?

Super 8 does not capture sound! However for camcorder coverage, I use the cameras internal microphone to capture some audio. No external mics are used. True home movie style.

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