Why super 8 for your wedding?

Capture your day authentically,

Super 8 can give all memories a magic touch. Super 8mm wedding videos are an investment, but it is one that is worth it if you love all things vintage, unique, timeless, ethereal, romantic, classic and soft.  The great magic of analog footage, is that it can be all of these things at once. If you're looking for super 8 because you want something timeless and classic or even if you're the kitschy bride, this is a great option. Super 8mm footage is unlike any other and won't be replicated easily. Why pop a filter over your once in a lifetime moments when you can have the real deal? Digital filters can’t compare to the dreaminess that actual super 8 film brings to moments. Plus, let's be honest, we can tell when it's a filter. If you're planning a wedding in Chicago (or a destination wedding) and you've been looking for a  way to capture your day true and authentically, you might've just found it.

Let’s go back to the core of what is most important and embrace the genuine moments.
Unfiltered and sincere.

How I do Super 8 films

I don't do digital videography. I am fully analog and pride myself on it. Super 8 film is not meant to be a 4k quality commercial film! it's a way to candidly and authentically capture the best moments in life with a nostalgic and true vintage touch. When I started I knew I wanted to keep true to these analog cameras and the handheld style of videography comes with the territory. AKA no crazy equipment that makes you feel like you're stuck in a movie set, just my camera and light. I want to capture everything as unobtrusively and as authentically as possible. I will not tell you how to be yourself. You do your thing and I'll hang back to capture it. After your wedding or session, I put my trust in professionals for development and scanning the film and I custom color grade your film so you don’t have to settle for discolored and unsaturated footage.

Super 8 isn’t some add on to my services, it's the whole thing which means your wedding film is my main priority during your big day.

Super 8 films are an heirloom for you and your family so let's give it the love and dedication it deserves.


A moment in time caught with authenticity. Timeless, heartfelt, & genuine once in a lifetime moments captured on Super 8 and VHS.
Hybrid analog films available. Please fill out all forms with as many details as possible.

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The moment is special, remember it with timeless film. Your dreamy wedding will be captured on true vintage cameras and film. I offer highlight films between 3-10 minutes long and offer a range of coverage packages to fit intimate and larger weddings.

-Highlight film and vertical minis
-All films set to licensed music
-Online download


Elopements and intimate wedding coverage hours vary depending on what you need, some need 2 hours; some need up to 6 hours.  

Lifestyle & Branding Sessions

Moments that will be treasured forever.  Lifestyle sessions are good for "home movie" style films . Family, bridal, engagements, maternity, or just for the hell of it!

Investment starts at $600 for sessions

Everything else

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